Ætt was a social group based on common descent. In the absence of a police force, the ætt was the primary force of security in the Scandinavian society, as the men were obliged by honour to avenge one another.

The original meaning of ætt/ätt seems to have simply been “those who are related. And all those who want to have Ragnarök Custom- or regular instruments belong to our ætt. That’s all about.

One for all and all for one!


Warriors endorsed proud by Ragnarök Guitars: 

Linus Öhrn: Siniestro,IXXI

Alex, Elias: IXXI

Bolverk: ex- Ragnarok Under the Oak, Welcome to Hell

Thomas Eriksen: MORK

Alex Bruun: MORK 

Scott Fairfax: Memoriam

Heri Joensen: TYR

Alex Cess: Sunshine& Lollipops

Alexander Friberg: Firespawn, Naglfar

Tobias Oja:ex- Rimfrost, Son of Sam

Mark Azzopardi: Myronath

Lars Björkens: Myronath, Ragnarok

Steve Campbell: The Exploited

Paul Speckmann: Master

Jasper Aptroot: Graceless

Zoltán Lörincz: Innistrad

… and More To Be Announced. We´re growing ´till we take over the control.