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Why custom?

Well, first of all because you want to be unique, you don't want to be like anyone else. The MC builders/ bikers are always looking for really cool bikes, trying to be unique. Like the world's biggest or most famous guitarist would have factory standard instruments. I guess you have already heard about Les Paul( and his Log, this late Mind who's guitar made, and still makes millions of people love his famous bodyshape. Randy Rhoads, for example has a legacy attached with his flying V. Don't tell me that you have never ever seen any RR guitar! Many bands still use and abuse this great axe. Malmsteen's scalloping? Leo Fender's all time first ever build electric bass guitar. Floyd Rose and his funny bridge, its not for dive bombing only. Satriani/ Vai would never ever pick up a guitar without a FR bridge Just a few of them. You can see for yourself the meaning behind the word of custom. That's the way you have to have one.

You may choose the following woods for body, neck and fretboard: mahogany, ash, maple, basswood, bubinga, wenge, walnut, ebony, rosewood. 3-5-7-ply neck? It works too. Any pickups. I recommend first of all my own, handwound pickups. But you can choose anything you want. Of course. Wait, see? You are already thinking about your own custom, am l right? Sunburst, see through, high gloss. Oil. Whatever you want. When a regular guitarist goes to a store to buy a guitar, in most of the cases he is never pleased. I know myself and many others who act in the same way. Maybe by the fifth store you will finally buy a guitar only to arrive home and realise "well, it's great but l wish it was black or blue, maybe passive/ active pickups. I never even use tonepots! and one master volume is enough for me. It would be awesome with pushpull pots." And on and on until there is no ending!...

Now it's time for having an instrument which shows exactly your world, from the woods you choose up to the bridge or the killswitch you're dreaming about. What are you waiting for?  You know what l mean...

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