Used & Abused

I use these hardwares and I can proudly recommend to anyone. My main idea is using scrap, you got shit. The cheaper accessories has seldom good quality. I´ve learned this lesson a couple of times and now I won´t sacrifice anything for a short but fast profit, you know what I´m saying.. In my workshop there are German, Japanese and USA- made equipment exclusively. What you got is what you see!

EMG, Seymour Duncan, DiMarzio, Floyd Rose, Ernie Ball, Dunlop, CTS, Switchcraft. 

If you have your own know-how just go ahead with that, but in the same class. I mean Kluson, Schaller or Kahler. But believe me, there´s no point to save money with cheaper accessories. I guess none will be in a strange situation in the middle of a great solo, build on a Lydian scale and the bridge just releases some strings, or at least one of them. The one you bend. Or the Tone pot  creaks meanwhile you´re turning down in a beautiful acoustic part in the front of your fans...


In 2019 we´re going to start hopefully a long co-work with Graph Tech and all Ragnarök Custom guitars shall have tuners, nuts, bridges- even piezo saddles, in case someone wants to have an acoustic guitar combined with his battleaxe! Great, isn´t it? Any kind of finish: black, chrome, nickel, gold. Your choice! 


By January it is determided: deal! 

As a scheduled plan, other brands are considered to co-work with as well. Both as authorised dealer or distributor. More news coming soon. Stay tuned ;)

And another dream came true: Ragnarök Guitars& Basses became finally an official verified and cerified Evertune installer. This huge  step was celebrated with Motörhead whisky, a bottle I´ve received by a friend of mine 2 or 3 years ago as a gift. There was no bigger or more important reason to crack it up...

July, beside of the regular holiday in Sweden and Evertune have had another surprise for me... You might order as an extra option True Temperament fretboard as well! Maple, Rosewood or Ebony board, 12" Radius standard, 21-24 frets. No question about it, this option has a goal to reach the high-end, custom in custom series.