I have had a very strange and hard period, almost two years. I never liked to cry about my problems  to none. This is it. Under this period, l dissapeared, sometimes l even closed my account. When Ragnarok went on tour with Marduk l just turned the page.No posts, no pictures at all about buildings. Then after my summer holiday l just felt, that l have to continue my own path. I received lots of support by my friends: painters, guitarists, tattoo artists and so on. They kicked my ass, and l really felt myself that it can’t be over.. 




There was silence again for a couple of weeks. Then something just exploded. This holiday has come in the last second. 4 weeks paid, touring in whole Europe with the kids and the dog. Was more than amazing.

I was so loaded, so excited that l had to start it again. Hell, l did! Oh, yeah. Better than before, much better. 


So, after some templates and projects, l thought, Scott Fairfax buddy/ Memoriam needs another custom- as a surprise. But he knew something. Maybe someone from Nuclear Blast, maybe someone else told him. ????????

Doesn’t matter. So, here we go again!  



Then Thomas Eriksen asked me about a custom guitar. Death and Black Metal stay closest to me. I saw him once playing bass live with Ragnarok at Mörkaste Småland and l knew he’s a great guy too. And l said yes. But this time it was a kind off different custom order. Instead of focusing on strange questions, l had to build a Flying V which is supposed to look like a rotten timber. The building itself wasn’t complicated at all, meanwhile the tricks came with the finish. Using stain: black, green and brown, fantasy and a rotary tool for carving. This part was really interesting. Absolutely: to build a perfect guitar- then damage it. WTF? Anyway, this gonna look ace, trust me! ????????


We grow step by step. Be a member in our family too! Siniestro, Ragnarok, Memoriam, IXXI,  Sunshine and Lollipops, now MORK. Some others joined us, but as long there’re no pictures about their buildings: we can’t call them ”official” members, right? 



Next year, 2019: we start with basses too. Any question, idea- hit me! 


Welcome Back! We start the new year with promoting some pictures about the first finished guitar. Ragnarök Tyr Mark 2. It belongs to Scott Fairfax/ Memoriam, who kept me on the road when I had many hard things in my private life. His support with many pictures, sharings and comments deffinetaly deserved  a second custom guitar. Even it was a surprise, I knew how to achieve this goal- without asking him anything ;)