Here we have Särimner, a really bloody guitar. Porkblood. Can you imagine its smell when I was worikng with that in the box? Like at a slaughetrhouse. LOL. Thrasher abatoir, Carcass- you know. I have to continue a bit with this beauty but I guess we are talking almost about days, I´d like to finish it on weekend.


And Hugin as well. As anyone can see, not so much left. Perfect intonation, low action- no buzz and shielded cavity for the pots. Welldone, with other words. 


The new project was running on way last weak. Norway´s leader Black Metal quartet, RAGNAROK (what a great name, isn´t it? ;) and their guitarist Bolverk decided to have a signature model. It is gong to be called Bolverk and will be the first bolt-on ever made. More details soon, here we have some sketch about its neck which has to fit exact Thomas´hand and fingers. 


Playing Black Metal you need a killer axe, something which is only yours. So, Thomas'  wish this time was a similar guitar like last time but with reversed headstock and some real bloody finih. Said and done. This Bolverk has almost the samwe specs like the first one, but now we went for maple body and neck. Because its lighter structure for "raining blood".