Werwolf. The first bass ever, #1. Ash body, 5 ply maple-bubinga neck and bubinga top. Graph Tech Ratio Bass tuners, Tusq saddle. I can tell you, Ragnarök Guitars& Basses was one of the first builders who used and made a standard Graph Tech tuners on their handmade basses in the world. Bartolini MK4 Soapbar pickups. CTS pot 250k, Switchcraft barrel jack and 3 wayy toggle switch, D´addario strings.Buildning this bass was a real challenge: using another kind of templates for neck pocket or pickup cavity, bubinga, longer- wider neck. But now itis finally done and it looks and sounds as it has to. A modern outlook with traditional shapes.

The bass was supposed to belong to IXXI bassist, Elias. He has a good taste of instrument and I´m extremely proud for it. Love at first feel- like AC/DC should say. To mention something more: IXXI is the first band in the world who is 100% endorsed by Ragnarök Guitars& basses. Both the guitarists and even the bassist plays handmade instruments, builded in a small village, 70 km from Gothenburg in old school style. No CNC or CAD. Router, saw, sandpaper, templates and countless hours. And passion- no fashion.