Ragnarök Titan is a 6 string model, which belongs to Titan in the band called IXXI. Our friendship started with Linus Öhrn who plays both in IXXI and Siniestro.  In September 2019, when IXXI played at a Black Metal festival in Lidköping, we had a chat with Titan about a possible custom order. It took some months as long he could decide himself with every small detail and when we went through the order, I started with sketches in the same day. 

Mahogany nek thru, ebony fretboard, 24 frets, Graph Tech  Ratio locking tuners and ResoMax bridge, string thru construction, with one Seymour Duncan Black Winter extra high output bridge humbucker. See thru black finish.  Hard case.  

Titan was one of those guitars I took to Fuzz Guitar Show for a demo ex. 

IXXI is the first band ever in Ragnarök´s history where everybody plays on the same brand. The first Ragnarök endorsed band- with other words.