Here we go with some new/ old shots of a 100% done guitar. 

Tyr is the god of Justice, law and the heroic glory. Being an important associate for sailors too. Who has explorerd the seas. If you take at look at its bodyshape, you can understand the Destroyer/ Explorer background. You know what l mean.. 

Maple body and set-in neck with ebony fretboard. Graph tech tusq saddle, Dunlop frets and straplocks, Gotoh tuners, Tonepros bridge, Dean Markley Helix strings, Seymour Duncan Blackouts, CTS& Switchcraft parts. I have to tell you, it was interesting stuff asking its owner going for Seymour Duncan pickups, instead of the regular, wellknown and good-old one fellows, you know... 

As an extra, under the clear laquer you can see the Memoriam's bandlogo. An english tank from WWI, a Mark 1.
Still Handmade in Sweden- without CAD/CNC and so on. It takes its time...

Scott Fairfax, the MegaMind behind the wall of tanks, the main Riffmaster of Memoriam is another proudly Ragnarök Guitars endorsed musician. Let me tell you some few words about his band. 

First of all, I guess, you´ve already heard about them,probably. If not, well... So, they´re a real old school Death Metal, British quartett. A kind of supergroup. Of course, with members from bands like Benediction and Bolt Thrower, we may call them all-star. But now, this is a totally new band, with same old taste and high skills.Having Nuclear Blast on their side, their debut album, ´For the Fallen´is the record of the year 2017 in Death Metal´s scene. There is no more brutal, fresh and proffesional lp. It´s quite strange, calling it a debut or a first record. But you know, new band-new paths, new songs. 

Memoriam still war rages on and reduced to zero this corrupted system. Meanwhile the Resistance is sorrounded(by Death) with its last words.

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