Bolverk- Ragnarok´s mastermind. His guitar has following specs: mahogany body, maple neck, ebony fretboard, 24 frets, Gotoh bridge and tuners, Seymour Duncan Black Winter bridge humbucker, CTS and Switchcraft pot and jack.

I guess, almost everybody heard about this Norwegian Black Metal Machinery, if not you have to check this ice-cold, frozen,  dark and mystic band. Highly skilled, technical and unique quartett waits for you which is on the dark side since  1994 and  8 LP´s. Their last masterwork, Psychopatology (2016) is one of the best black albums ever- without naming any of them. You have to listen that album! Anyway, if you like the crushing guitars combined with smashing drums, these guys are for you!!   

Bolverk took a decision, tried and tested my guitars and gave me a chance to work with him. So, now I can tell you all, l became a proudly supporter of this absolutely awesome band! Iron Cross Posthumus...

After the first run, we came back to our roots and the second axe just have arrived. Difference between them? Not so much, just the finish and the reversed headstock.Real porkblood. Otherwise I might use the same old templates. Here, in Sweden, there is no blood in shops. So, I have ordered at a friend of mine who runs a restaurant. :) And I´ve got 5 liter frozen blood. I could do some experiments again and smell the putrefaction in my workshop. This is how it goes :) This time there was no party at me, a whole weekend(like last time :)), Bolverk just came in the middle of the week, I guess it was a dark Wednesday evening. Some food, coffee and he just drived back to Norway. There are approximately 500 km between us, it couldn´t be easy to concentrate  and driving such a long road, but beside being a great guitarist, Bolverk is a great pilot too. He has shown this skills to me, when he drived my car meanwhile I could enjoy my beers, at a norwegian workshop. Almost like a taxi, with your own cardriver. :)