Every begining is hard.. Well this is my all-time first order ever to the damned Linus from Siniestro. Playing  loud extreme metal you can´t have a jazzguitar, right? So Linus Öhrn have decided to earn world´s sickest and maybe most unique guitar. 24 frets, Gotoh tuners, Floyd Rose double-locking bridge, EMG James Hetfield humbuckers, I should call it the actively passive pickups. 

Neck thru body and alder neck, scalloped rosewood fretboard. And what you see on its surface is real pork blood. Its smell was almost like the slaughterhouse´s incense nearby my house. :) Than clear laquer and done. That´s it! Simple, isn´t it?

In Valhalla, the einherjar( the warriors who died in battles) eat their fill of the nightly-resurrecting beast, Särimner. And his blood was anywhere in my workshop- Linus gonna fucking paint here next time!