This is my second building. Because everybody should need a strat- but I ain´t a huge Fender fan, I made my own. Why blue? Because I love see thru blue guitars, but a bit darker. Somewhere between blue and green. 

CTS pots, Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch, Gotoh tuners, Floyd Rose- original(...), lovely Seymour Duncan SH-4, SH-2 humbuckers

Mahogany neck thru body and neck, maple AAAA top, Ebenholz fretboard.

Sunburst. My absolute favourite finish, nice warm colours. I know, this is a kind of " love it or leave it!" between the guitarists, I adore it!

So, 24 frets again, maple mahogany body and neck, neck thru construction again. C shaped Gibson-like neck.Ebony fretboard, maple top. Gotoh tuners,double locking  Floyd Rose bridge and EMG 81/89 humbuckers. For coil-split in neck position. For  a fenderish tone... :)