Being a huge Randy Rhoads idolator and flying V obsessed like almost any metalhead... There was no question about once upon a time I´m going to have an own flying V which looks and is exactly as I want. Gungnir is Odin´s spades name which actually allways strikes the target. Quite cool name for a flying object, a flying identified object, you know ;)

So here we go wiyh my beauty. 24 frets, Gotoh tuners and bridge, CTS pots, Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch ( in its RIGHT place:). On the pictures it shows Seymour Duncan Blackouts but in the last second I´ve changed my mind in the last second and it get a DiMarzio combo instead with a bit less output, around 9. 

Set in mahogany body and neck, string thru construction for a real asskicker looooooong sustain. Deadwood top. cute, isn´t it?


There was an other Gungnir in my arseanal as well. The more classic, should say the "real" Flying V, not the modern one, known by the late Rany Rhoads (R.I.P.)

24 frets, Gotoh tuners and Tonepros bridge, neck thru body and string thru construction, EMG 81/85 combo. And some interesting wood combinations: 7-ply maple and mahogany neck with a nice yew top on the mahogany body. C shaped neckprofile and Gibson scale.