FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. Where can l buy/ order the guitars? 

Here, right here. Write a mail then I'll guide you. info@ragnarokguitars.se

2. How many months does it take building a guitar? How does an order look like?

Usually 6-7 months, it can be faster. But for best results we need to count with this schedule. Before any process starts we are going to have some mails which describes perfectly your wish with any small detail, up to string gauge and brand. When we confirm there's no more possibility to change anything on. No pictures under process. First photo from your guitar is going to be done before final set up.

Why? Easy and simple, like the pentatonic scale: Maybe you changed your mind and you would like to have a mini switch, or two. More or less pots. More or less pickups, or other configuration, HH instead of HSH, or HHS and so on. And the cavity maybe had been routered already or there´s no more place and no way back either... Once we made the final check list you agree with this. What you get is what you see.

3. Shipping? Case?

Of course it works, anywhere you want. The shipping is up to you: it can be slower( and cheaper) or very fast( it costs extra). Hardcase included  as well with logo on it which will protect your guitar all across its journey. The price doesn´t include  shipping, taxes or other fees outside from EU. No case? No problem. It can be shipped then without and you can save about 1000 SEK, rough 100 Euro.

4. How can I pay for that? How much do I have to pay for an instrument?

Paypal and always in Swedish Krona( SEK). Check yourself the actual currency. When we confirmed everything you need to transfer 80% of the final price at our account, the rest 20% right before shipping. We'll let you know when we are almost finished the job so you don't have to worry about that. 

I go first of all for neck thru guitars- they are the most expensive ones. But if you want bolt- on or set- in neck they are of course cheaper. Different models- different price. I used to buy everything on Ebay, at the lowest price. But a Floyd Rose bridge, Gotoh tuners and EMG humbuckers all together cost around 4000 SEK. But anyway cheaper than in any store... As anyone can see, the final price depends on your hardware wish.

As bonus you will get two t-shirts, a neck strap keychain( looks fine for stage pass, or car key holder) and picks( .90). 

4. Endorsement? 

Send me a link about your band, we can find a deal. 

5. Anything more I should know?

Nothing special, I´ll try to answer always as fast as possible. But anyway within one day. Any guitar leaves the workshop in mint condition, wellpacked, intonated. Plug in and play. Due temperature, weather, moisture or any other condition it is neccesary of course an adjustment before a multiple platinum record at a reach studio. ´´It´s a long way to the top..´´

I retain rights for taking photos, promote, hype under construction and even taking them at masses or exhibitions.


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