In the absence of a police force, the clan was the primary force of security in Norse society, as the clansmen were obliged by honour to avenge one another.

The Scandinavian clan or ætt/ätt, in old Norse was a social group based on common descent. The heavy dependence on family and kindred in early Scandinavian history was the foundation of the importance clan.

Swedish, Norwegian or Danish  still kept the word in their dictionary  and it means offspring, descendent. However in Icelandic language is the closest to this signification: ættingi: kinship, relationship, relative of...

And now we’re at the roots of ”Aiths”- it is an old Gothic word and it can describe both a property or relative.


In fact, Ætt is our family and all the players who belong here, use their own custom instruments. This is Aiths.

A list about them:

Bolverk- Ragnarok,

Scott Fairfax- MemoriaM,,

Thomas Eriksen-MORK,,

Linus- Siniestro, IXXI,,

Alexi- IXXI,

Elias- IXXI( bass),

Heri Joensen- TYR,,

Dietlef Svae- Firefight,

Alex Cess- Sunshine and Lollipops,

More TBA

Guitars/ basses based on their own taste: from the wood, through finish and string gauge up to the tuning. Including, of course exclusive- sometimes uncommon shapes. Probably that´s why they may be called custom instruments and own proriety.